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Categories based custom fields are now available now you can assign custom fields to parent categories while user posting ad on the adforest theme.

How TO Setup

You can easily setup the custom fields for categories. Please follow the below simple steps to create custom categories based ad post form fields.

1). First you need to go to ad post short code and need to select.

2). After that you need go to Classified Ads => Categories Template. Select template name and Save It. Edit the template you made. Here are some custom fields you can make them show/hide or required/not required. After that below you can add custom fields below. You can add Input or select option as much as you want. You can also make them required or not. By selecting columns in custom fields you can adjust the fields in columns like if you want to show 2 inputs in a row you need to select 1/6 for both the fields you want to show there. You can also hide the field bu selecting status to inactive form the front end.

*You can create Custom Field Forms As much as you want and can also assign 1 template to multipal parent categories.

3). Once custom form field template done now you need to go to Classified Ads => Categories click on required parent category you want to assign the template on edit page you can see a option Select Template. Select the desire template for the category and you are good to go.

4). Go to ad post page select the categories to which you assign the template. After clicking on it fields will be load via ajax.

5).  Your custom fields will look like this on ad page.


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