AdForest – Classified Native IOS App – Configurations

Original price was: $500.00.Current price is: $300.00.

Adforest Mobile Classified ads app is the most demanding, foremost and modern classified apps for IOS mobile users, developed to maximize your online business sales. With this top classifieds app, you can easily handle your product listing business through a mobile device. It comes up with exceptional listing features that you can’t find in other apps. Features including the Multi-Currency front end, ad-mob, push notification, Bad Word Filter, AD Expiry Limits, Ad Status, Google map integration, Location or Price base search, the user can contact seller/buyer with a secure massaging system and many more outstanding features. From now you can use this our app with adforest classified WordPress theme or as a standalone app separately to handle more products smoothly. Just purchase Classifieds app, install the plugin and make the changes you want and your app is ready to use.



What will be the setting up charges:

We have included all the required documentation, video tutorials, and help file with download file from code canyon but as you know that application purchase from code canyon does not include installation or set up. However, if you want us to do it for you, yes we can do it for you but it will be charged separately. We will charge $500 USD  $300 USD for setting up IOS application.

What will be included in Setting up?
  • Setting up IOS application
  • Installation of WordPress plugin and create keys.
  • Make Social login Google Plus and Facebook working
  • Fire-base for push notification
  • Youtube API
  • Google places keys
  • Generate .ipa file and Make it ready for upload to App Store


All the assets for branding will be provided by you. For setting up we need to have access to your WordPress admin panel. We will send you a .ipa file to test it properly although we’ll test it on our site properly. You have three days time to test the application if there is something missing or you want to make some changes you can ask after that project will be considered closed.
Please note that these are only one-time charges. If you want us to generate .ipa again after the project close, after 1st installation 2nd & 3rd builds will be charged as 150/per installation, and so on.

NOTE: App configuration charges are not refundable. Please note that the maximum duration for the app setup process is six months. We kindly remind you that it is essential to follow up on the app setup progress during this period. If you fail to do so, we will not be able to store your files and the process has to start from scratch.

App Configuration assets & requirements

For IOS:
IOS App Configuration

Please provide the following assets so that we can configure your project.

1: Your App Name
2: App Icon (1024 X 1024)
3: Logo for splash screen
4: Google Account Login details (For google Sign In)
5: Facebook Account Login details (For Facebook Sign In)

6: LinkedIn Account login details (For LinkedIn Login)

7: Your Company Apple Account login details (Upload to the app store)
8: Device UDID on which you want to test.

To upload on Apple Store.
1: First name , last name
2:  Address
3: City
4: State
5: Postal Code
6: Country Name
7: Phone Number
8: Email
9: Application description of less than 4000 alphabets.
10: CopyRight
11: App keywords
12: Privacy Policy Url
13: Support Url